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Open Art Tuesdays

When: (starts 10/2) 2:55-4:00

With whom :Mrs. Rudolph

Where: Rm E2


Are you the "Creative Type"? Do you like to draw...

Come to the Art Room to practice your skills, finish your project or make that poster for class look really great! All grades welcome, even if you don't have Art, especially if you don't have Art!


Set Design & Scenic club

When: 2nd SEMESTER Jan 24- Mar 9 After School Tues ,Thurs & some Fri

With:Mrs. Rudolph

Where:Rm E2


Sign -Up Required (but you can come just Tuesdays or only Thursdays etc..)

Play an important role in "The Musical" without ever going on stage!

I need responsible & creative students with good art skills that love to paint. Helpers from all grades are welcome. Join the team that creates those big canvas scenes that make the Musical come alive.


Hand in Hand (Invited students only)

When:1x month for 8 Tuesdays starting in Oct.
With: Mrs DeBrisco and Mrs McCabe

Where: Bruce Museum

Members of Hand in Hand take part in a tour of a Bruce museum exhibit and engage in an
activity that goes along with what they observed and discussed.


Pops Orchestra

When:Thursdays after school

With whom: Ms Corey

Where: E5


This ensemble allows students who would like an additional musical challenge the opportunity to further their playing skills while performing fun and upbeat pop music.


Student Council

When:Before and/or Afterschool based on upcoming events

With whom: Mrs Barry & Mrs Kolar

Where: U5


The Purpose of the WMS Student Council is to:

-Coordinate and encourage student involvement in activities at WMS

-Work with Administration in matters affecting the WMS Student Body

-Stimulate and Develop social responsibility and equality among students

-Encourage leadership through service to our students, our school and our community

-Promote the WMS Behavior Norms and IB Learner Profile Traits

-The Student Council will meet throughout the year

Students need to complete an application. (Will be located in U5, M11, and the main office and should be turned into Mrs. Kolar or Mrs. Barry)


WMS Theater Club

When:Every day (but Wednesday) from the middle of November until the end of March.

With whom: Mrs Kolar and Mr Brehm

Where: Auditorium/Chorus Room


Do you like Acting and Dancing? Do you want to be a part of the WMS Spring Musical? Do you like having fun with students in every grade doing something that they really enjoy? Then this club is for you! Auditions will be in November and the show will run in the middle of March.


Latino” Club

When: Every other Monday, starting September 25th

With whom:Ms Ubides-González

Where: Rm M12


Do you love your culture, do you want to embrace it, and have a community to hang out with? Then come join the Latino Club. Here we will discuss traditions, listen to music, learn about things that are new in the world that have to do with Latinos and create two different projects for both of the events that the Diversity Committee puts on at WMS. If you know how to dance salsa, merengue, cumbia, samba, bachata, or anything else then you will love what we have to offer! Everyone is welcomed- bring your friends!


Homework Club

When: Everyday after school(except Wednesdays) from 2:55-4:00

With whom: Mr Smith

Where:Media Center


Homework club provides students a great opportunity to complete homework, get a jump start on assignments or just read silently in a quiet, supervised setting. Students of all grades are welcome!


Chess and Board Games Club

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays

With whom: Mr Taylor

Where: U2


Love to compete from your seat? Love to checkmate a classmate? Come to the chess and board game club and enjoy some fun with your friends and your favorite board games.


Quiz Bowl

When: Thursdays after school, some weekend competitions

With whom: Mr. Jones, Mrs. Giorlando DeRosa & Mr. O’Brien



Students will play trivia and quiz games that cover a broad range of topics from literature and history to science and math. Students are ultimately preparing for at least two state competitions and will, (hopefully!), qualify for a national championship tournament in the late spring.


Chef Kittens

When: Mondays after school

With whom: Ms. Santos

Where: C8


Do you need extra time and help in preparing cooking projects for Consumer Science? If so, come join us! In addition, we are also open for students who are interested in gardening, cooking, and crafting.


Math Counts

When: Tuesday Mornings 7:15-7:45

With whom: Mrs. Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Barry

Where: M8


We will be following the model of Math Counts forming a competitive aspect to the club. Students working towards competing will be challenged to solve a variety of different types of math problems to help prepare for competitions against other schools in the area. The club will complete different math challenges throughout the year working as a team.


Jazz Band

When:Tuesday afternoons 3:00-3:45

With whom: Mrs. Banderson

Where: E-1

This activity is offered for students who wish to learn to play basic styles of jazz. Emphasis is placed on the swing style and improvisation using the blues scale. Jazz Band performs at school concerts, for the student body,and the community.

French Club

When: Tuesdays after school (Starts 9/26)

With whom: Mme Rousseau and Srta. Ureña

Where: Room W13


Want to learn more about French language, culture, music, movies, food and games? We can help you out! Come to French Club! We’ll meet every Tuesday for a great time. Everyone is welcomed! You do NOT have to be a French student to join our club!


Spanish Club

When: after school (Starts 10/2) Every Monday 3:00 - 4:00pm

With whom: Srta. Ureña

Where: Room W12


Come to Spanish Club! We will be learning and exploring the culture of the Spanish speaking world. Some of our activities will be watching Spanish speaking movies, holiday celebrations, preparing and enjoying typical foods, pop culture days, music days, game days, and learning popular phrases. Everyone is welcomed!


Walking Club

When: Scheduled Tuesdays (Starts Oct 10)

With whom: Mrs. DeBrisco & Mrs. MC

Where: Rm W24


Do you want to get some fresh air after being cooped up inside school all day? Want to chat with friends while strolling? Come join us as we go for a brisk walk around Byram. Pick up a permission slip in W22 or W24 before club begins.



When:Every day (except Wednesdays) from 3:00-4:00

With whom: ??



Do you love PE class, have a thirst for healthy competition in a stress-free environment? Intramurals might be the right place for you! Flag, Fitness Room


Video Game Club

When: Fridays after school

With whom: Mr. Sambo

Where: Rm TBA


Who says you can’t game at school?!? Come to the video game club to play and chill with other gamers at WMS!


Debate Club

When: (starts 10/26) 2:55-4:00 - Regular meetings will begin in February.

With whom :Mr. Lipari

Where: Rm M3


Anyone and Everyone who is interested in Debate, becoming a lawyer or is into

politics should come find out what the Debate Club is all about. Studies show that

most students who are involved in Debate Teams tend to win most arguments with

their parents and teachers. Coached by Mr. Lipari, the WMS Debate Team has a

successful track record winning multiple honors and ranking among the top in State tournaments regularly.