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Applications to Other Schools & Transcript Requests

Directions for Applications and Recommendations

Students Applying to Independent and Private Schools in the Greenwich Area

The Policy and Procedure Guidelines of the Greenwich Public Schools state that reference information, such as recommendations, will not be included with the applicant’s records and transcripts. Our staff, including school counselors, are not permitted to complete recommendations on behalf of students applying to independent and private schools in the Greenwich area. “Greenwich Area” means any school one can commute to while still living in Greenwich, i.e., Fairfield County, Westchester County, NYC. Please note that the Guidance Office will always send official documents as requested: transcript, report cards, and testing, but NOT recommendations.

From the Board of Education Policy – E040.27 – Relations and Communications with Independent Schools, Colleges and Universities

The Superintendent recognizes that providing reference information for students who may seek to attend independent schools is a time-consuming activity. Given that the primary responsibility of staff is to those students who attend Greenwich Public Schools, staff members will complete only those independent school applications and references, which are for schools outside of the Greenwich area.

Forms for the Principal or School Counselor and Requests for School Record

These should be given to your child’s counselor or to our Guidance secretary, Mrs. Taryn Weiss. Also, please provide stamped (two stamps), addressed envelopes. Please allow two (2) weeks for processing and factor that into your application deadline. If the applications are due before the end of the first semester, we will automatically send the second marking period report card (usually available by the end of January) to all schools on your application list.

Teacher Recommendation Forms (schools outside of “Greenwich Area”-see above)

The English and Math departments have created these documents to simplify the application process for parents. No teacher is required to complete a recommendation form. However, if your child’s English and/or Math teacher has agreed to write this recommendation, please follow the guidelines listed here in order to expedite the time-consuming process of writing, copying, and mailing the many requests we get each year.

1. Please ask each teacher if he/she would fill out a recommendation for your child.
2. Ask your child’s school counselor if the schools to which you are applying are eligible under the district policy. If so, the guidance office will provide your child with the Eastern Middle School English Recommendation Form and Math Recommendation Form. You may also use the links to download and print the forms. Please sign the confidentiality agreement at the top and send it back in with your child. Because this goes to the schools, encourage your child to be careful with it.
3. Provide envelopes that are both stamped and addressed to the appropriate schools to which you apply.
4. Please allow at least two (2) weeks for these forms to be completed and factor that into your application deadline. If you leave it for the teacher on a Friday or the day before a vacation, please realize that the two weeks will begin on the next school day!
5. If the school requires that all parts of the application be mailed together, notify your child’s counselor and the teachers completing forms so that these documents can be returned to you in sealed envelopes for collating and mailing.

If you have any questions specific to the English or Math recommendation, please contact your child’s teacher. Please contact your child’s counselor if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this process.

Western Middle School Guidance Department: 203-531-5700

Taryn Weiss, Guidance Secretary

Karina Magana, 6th Grade Counselor

Jennifer Hill, 7th Grade Counselor

Erin Montague, 8th Grade Counselor