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Health Screenings

School Health Screenings

In school screenings such as those described below should not be considered a substitute for regular physical examinations. They are meant to supplement a child’s yearly physical examination. The screenings are done because vision and postural problems can develop quickly, and screenings help pick up the problems early so that treatment can begin before vision and hearing problems affects the child’s learning. The following health screenings are done:

Scoliosis Screenings: The public health school nurses screen all students in 5th through 8th grades for scoliosis. Female students in 5th and 7th, and male students in 8th grade. Parents have the right to refuse school screenings for their child if they so desire. If a student does not meet minimum standards after two screenings, a written referral will be sent to parents suggesting that a doctor evaluate the student.

Vision & Hearing Screenings: The public health school nurse screens all students in K, 1st , and 3rd through 5th inclusive for distance vision and hearing. If further attention or additional care is indicated, parents are notified in writing.

Dental Screenings: State of Connecticut law requests that an oral health assessment be conducted on students when entering, and during 3rd grade, 6th and 10th grades.  In Greenwich Public Schools, during the elementary and middle school years, the Public Health Hygienist examines every child and thus this requirement is fulfilled.

If your child is new to the district, in 10th grade, or you have requested they NOT be screened by the hygienist, you will be required to have the oral assessment section on the Health Assessment Record completed.  Your dentist, dental hygienist, medical practitioner, physician assistant or APRN may complete this section during your child’s exam.