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Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)

What is the Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)?

The purpose of a Special Education Advisory Council is to build full, equal and equitable partnerships between families, the school District and community partners, on a council that gives advisory opinions to the Board of Education on matters pertaining to the education and safety of students with disabilities.

The newly formulated SEAC is now accepting submissions to gather information for those who are interested in serving on this advisory team.

For parents, guardians and community members interested in submitting information, please submit this form. For GPS staff members interested in submitting information, please submit this form.

SEAC Members

Below are the current members of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). These members were selected at random from a list of interested applicants. Members represent a broad range of perspectives.


  • Naomi Nova, Preschool Parent
  • Katie Nogaki, Elementary School Parent
  • Patricia Minicozzi, Elementary School Parent
  • Kimberly Benitez, Elementary School Parent
  • Leah Thornton, Middle School Parent
  • Katie Bistrian, Middle School Parent
  • Kimberly O'Donnell, Middle School Parent
  • Genice Mark, High School Parent
  • Kathy Walker, High School Parent
  • Don McGuire, High School Parent
  • Michael-Joseph Mercanti-Anthony, Community Member
  • Jennifer DiCarlo, General Education Teacher, GPS
  • Susan Keating, Special Education Teacher, GPS
  • Sarah Obuchowski, Administration, GPS
  • Audra O'Donovan, Founding Member
  • Jennifer Kutai, Founding Member
  • Caroline Lerum, Founding Member

Non-Voting Contributing Members:

  • Dr. Toni Jones, Superintendent, Greenwich Public Schools
  • Karen Hirsh, Greenwich Board of Education
  • Karen Kowalski, Greenwich Board of Education

SEAC Video