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Private School Students

The Greenwich Public Schools provide supports and services to identified students who are parentally placed in a private school within the town of Greenwich. These services are coordinated through the PPS Department Special Education Coaches and the private school administrators. To find out more about these services please contact your private school administrator.

What if an eligible student attends a private school?

  • If a student is eligible and attends a school in Greenwich, the district provides a service plan for the student. Please contact your private school administrator for further details.
  • If a student is a Greenwich Resident who attends private school outside of Greenwich please contact the Special Education office of the town in which the private school is located.

What about children with disabilities placed by their parents in private schools?

Children with disabilities placed by their parents in private schools do not have an individual right to receive some or all of the special education and related services that he or she would receive if enrolled in a public school. The school district in which the private school is located is responsible for providing what special education services it designates to children with disabilities placed by their parents in the private elementary or secondary schools in its town.

Private Schools Consultants

Sharon Pires
Psycheducational Evaluator/Behavior Coach
Central Office Havemeyer

Bonnie Strunin
Speech-Language Pathologist
Central Office Havemeyer

Julie Webster
Speech Teacher
Central Office Havemeyer