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GPS Professional Learning

In the vibrant tapestry of education, professional learning emerges as the catalyst for transformation and the key to unlocking the full potential of every student.  At Greenwich Public Schools, we recognize that the cornerstone of a student’s success lies in the quality of teaching, making high-quality professional learning the most invaluable resource within our reach.

Our vision of professional learning goes beyond a mere educational undertaking; it is a personalized, ongoing, and continuous journey focused on the growth of each educator, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness to contribute significantly to the success of every student (CSDE, 2013).  We stand on the shoulders of teacher feedback and data gleaned from district networks and educator evaluation, using these insights to meticulously curate learning opportunities for all GPS educators.

Every learning opportunity within our district is a deliberate alignment with the Standards for Professional Learning, a framework championed by the State Board of Education from Learning Forward. These standards encapsulate the essence of our commitment:

  • Learning communities
  • Resources
  • Learning designs
  • Outcomes
  • Leadership
  • Data
  • Implementation

Our professional learning goals are not just aspirations; they are the guiding stars that illuminate our path to educational excellence.

Professional Learning Goals

  • Provide personalized choice in professional learning opportunities for all staff, which will support how educators personalize the learning in support of students’ academic needs
  • Provide a coherent focus on how to personalize learning through analysis of evidence, integration of technology, access to a standards-based curriculum, student self-regulation of their learning
  • Provide alignment to of the nine foundation indicators and the revised TEPL indicators
  • Provide training to support the implementation of dynamic digital learning tools and resources ensuring all staff have the technical skills to build a blended learning environment
  • Provide ongoing embedded coaching to support our ability to develop learner experiences that align to the district high quality, standards based curriculum and to make learning personal 
  • NEW provide increased time for campus based professional learning communities to engage in ongoing collaborative analysis of evidence and development of high impact instructional strategies for implementation