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Preschool Program

Overview of the Program

The Greenwich Public Schools Integrated Preschool Program serves both youngsters with identified special needs and those who are typically developing. Through a structured, center-based program, each child participates in instructional activities/experiences, which address the domains of communication, cognition, self-help, fine/gross motor and social emotional development.

The Guiding Principles and Curriculum of the Preschool Program

  • Early Learning and development are multidimensional: the development domains of cognitive, personal and social, physical and creative expression aesthetic development are interrelated and throughout the day.
  • Young children are capable and competent.
  • There are individual differences in rates of development among children.
  • Children will exhibit a range of skills and competencies in any area of development.
  • Knowledge of child growth and development and consistent expectations are essential to maximizing educational experiences for children and to developing and implementing programs.
  • Families are the primary caregivers and educators of their young children.
  • Young children learn through active exploration of their environment through child-initiated and teacher-selected activities.

Preschool Handbook:          English Version        Spanish Version

Greenwich Public Schools Integrated Preschool Program
Establishing Strong Foundations for Bright Futures

Welcome to the Greenwich Public Schools Integrated Preschool (GPS) Program.

This handbook is designed to provide families with information about the GPS Preschool Program. This handbook is also aligned with the parent handbook for each of our school sites. The preschool handbook should be read as a component of the elementary school handbook.

Greenwich Public Schools Integrated Preschool Program is an inclusive educational program.  The program provides a learning environment in which children with identified special needs and their typically developing peers learn, develop, and grow together.

Through a structured language and play based program, every child receives appropriate instruction.  Greenwich Public Schools Integrated Preschool classes provide instruction for students who are three and four years old.  The multi-age environment provides opportunities for peer modeling, interactions, and  problem solving opportunities.

The administration and staff in our schools provide a wealth of experience in the field of early childhood special and general education.  The classroom teachers are certified in both general education and special education, and work closely with specialists to develop a comprehensive program for all students.  The team of specialists include psychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA).  The team of professionals provide support in the classroom as well as in small groups outside of the classroom setting. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We value your input and look forward to meeting and working with new and returning families in the preschool program.

The GPS Preschool Team