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GPS Integrated Preschool Program


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The Greenwich Preschool Program provides a safe, nurturing environment in which children with special needs and their typically developing peers learn and grow together through an integrated model. The individual needs of every child are addressed through a structured, developmentally-appropriate program that uses play and exploration to foster learning. Structured center-based activities provide opportunities for growth and development in the areas of communication, cognition, self-management, fine and gross motor, and social-emotional skills. The preschool environment provides continuity and predictability for children and their families while facilitating the transition from home to school.


  • The Greenwich Public Schools Integrated Preschool Program targets instruction for children with identified special needs alongside their typically developing peers. 
  • The GPS Integrated Preschool Program was developed 50 years ago in alignment with special education laws to provide free and appropriate public education for preschool students.
  • Our teachers are duly certified by the State of Connecticut in both Special Education and General Education.
  • The Greenwich Public Schools Integrated Preschool Program is a structured, center-based program, where each child participates in instructional activities/experiences, which address the areas of communication, cognition, self-help, fine/gross motor and social emotional development.

The GPS Integrated preschool program adheres to the Connecticut Early Learning Development Standards that promote:

  • Equity for all children, through setting high, but appropriate, expectations;
  • High quality early learning experiences, by providing clear goals and trajectories for learning;
  • Provision of individual support, based on each child’s growth and development; 
  • Families’ understanding of what their children are learning and  how they can support them;     
  • Teachers’ understanding of age-appropriate content and approaches to children’s learning, and;
  • Communication across sectors, based upon these common goals for children. 

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