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K-8 Curriculum

GPS believes that a coherent, articulated PK-12 Standards-Based Curriculum supports all learners (adults and students) in creating and engaging in high impact learning tasks that ensure students develop and demonstrate the Vision of the Graduate capacities. Below, you will find a grade by grade break down of student progress monitors, academic and auxiliary and arts content area curriculum, and links to parent information. 

K-8 Curriculum, By Grade Level

MTSS Handbook

In order to create a student-centered approach addressing the needs of diverse learners, Greenwich Public Schools provides a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). GPS’ MTSS Handbook was created with a K-12 collaborative team including a parent representative. If you have any questions about MTSS in your child’s school please contact your child’s Principal (K-8) or House Administrator (9-12).