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Greenwich Public Schools believes in a comprehensive and balanced approach to assessing students. The Academic Office and Research Manager work in coordination with the Connecticut State Department of Education and building administrators to coordinate the logistics, training and communication of centralized formative and summative assessments.

Our guiding principles ensure that:

  • The GPS assessment system reflects the vision set forth in the district’s strategic plan.
  • Reliable and valid assessments are available to support student learning and decision making.
  • The assessment system is without redundancies, preserve instructional time, and allow for the assessment of other constructs beyond Reading and Math.
  • The formative assessment process assists teachers in their ability to individualize instruction for students.
  • Teachers have access to data via the specific test publisher website or the district strategic dashboard.

Click here to learn more about the Greenwich Public Schools Comprehensive Assessment System.

Assessment Framework

Balanced Assessment Techniques: The following graphic illustrates the importance of frequent in-depth data use of routine and systematic assessment strategies. The graphic further outlines expectations for the kind of data to be used, how much data should be used and how often it should be analyzed.