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Greenwich Public Schools is committed to upholding a comprehensive and balanced approach to student assessment. The Academic Office and Research Manager collaborate with the Connecticut State Department of Education and building administrators to oversee the logistics, training, and communication pertaining to centralized formative and summative assessments.

At the core of our commitment are guiding principles that underscore our dedication to excellence:

  1. Strategic Alignment: The GPS assessment system is designed to mirror the visionary goals outlined in the district's strategic plan, ensuring a unified and purposeful approach to student evaluation.
  2. Reliability and Validity: Our commitment to providing reliable and valid assessments underscores our dedication to supporting student learning and facilitating informed decision-making processes.
  3. Efficiency and Focus: The assessment system is meticulously crafted to eliminate redundancies, thereby preserving crucial instructional time. This streamlined approach allows for the evaluation of a comprehensive range of constructs beyond Reading and Math.
  4. Formative Empowerment: The formative assessment process is a cornerstone of our strategy, empowering teachers to tailor instruction to the unique needs of each student. This personalized approach enhances the educational experience and fosters academic growth.
  5. Accessible Data: Teachers can access assessment data through the specific test publisher website or the district's strategic dashboard. This ensures a transparent and efficient flow of information, enabling educators to make data-driven decisions in pursuing educational excellence.

In essence, our commitment to a well-rounded and effective assessment system reflects our dedication to fostering an environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive. Through strategic alignment, reliability, efficiency, and empowerment, we aim to elevate the educational experience and contribute to the long-term success of our students.

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