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Physical Education/ Health

The goal of the Physical Education Program in Greenwich Public Schools is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

Curriculum Unit Plan

Elementary School

Click each grade to view the Curriculum Unit Map for each grade for the school year

Grade K Physical Education

Grade K Health Education

Grade 1 Physical Education

Grade 1 Health Education

Grade 2 Physical Education

Grade 2 Health Education

Grade 3 Physical Education

Grade 3 Health Education

Grade 4 Physical Education

Grade 4 Health Education

Grade 5 Physical Education

Grade 5 Health Education

Middle School

Click each grade to view the Curriculum Unit Map for each grade/course for the school year

Grade 6 Physical Education

Grade 6 Health Education

Grade 7 Physical Education

Grade 8 Physical Education

Grade 8 Health Education

High School

Please review the Greenwich High School Course of Study guide to review the Physical Education and Health courses offered

Allergy Awareness Program

Greenwich Public Schools in partnership with the PTAC Wellness Committee has develop a Food Allergy Awareness Program to empower the community to participate in the program and develop strategies for "managing food allergies in every place and stage of your life, from school and camp, to college and the workplace" (FARE).

Resources embedded in the district Health Curriculum include: