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How We Select Our Books and Research Tools

Our collection of books and research tools has become a great source of pride for our school community. As teachers who are trained and certified in library development, GPS Media Specialists have devoted considerable time, expertise, and thought to the selection of outstanding literature and resources. When making book selections, we consult Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, The Children's Book Review, Common Sense Media, award nominees and winners (such as Nutmeg, Caldecott, and Newbury), the American Library Association, and the American Association of School Librarians. We strive to offer a wide range of literature to match our diverse and enthusiastic readers' interests.  We are dedicated to selecting only age-appropriate material for our youngest students. 

If you feel a book is not age-appropriate for your young child, please let your Library Media Specialist know and it will be reviewed again. An established protocol is in place for reviewing books in these cases. In addition, parents should have discussions with their children about their own culture and beliefs and encourage their children to choose appropriate books for them.

Digital resources such as encyclopedias and databases serve a wide age range and students occasionally need to be reminded by teachers and parents to focus on specific assignments and appropriate age ranges when using these research materials.

Please know that your children's reading lives are in good hands if they are selecting books and materials in our school libraries and on the Research Tools page of the GPS website.