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OER Resources

What are Open Education Resources?


Implementation 2016 - 2020

Greenwich Public Schools Curriculum Council made the pledge to Go Open in 2016-17. The Council agreed to begin the curation process for K-5 Social Studies given the implementation of the national Social Studies Standards and C3 Framework and renewed district curriculum.

Curated Open Education Resources have been uploaded to Schoology for GPS Educators for use in 2017-18. All materials will be evaluated in June with an identified renewal plan for the summer of 2018.

All OER materials are reviewed utilizing the following process/criteria:

Checklist for Quality Instructional Materials

Professional standards of quality and consistency should be the baseline for all instructional resources. Quality benchmarks include:

  • Clearly articulated learning goals and objectives
  • Appropriate grade and reading levels
  • Clearly stated reputable sources
  • Engaging, relevant, and up-to-date content
  • Highly vetted content that is accurate, objective, and reliable
  • Differentiated learning opportunities
  • Standards- and evidence-based lessons/learning aligned with high-quality assessments
  • Well-designed and attractive materials for students, teachers, and other education professionals
  • Adaptable materials for individual learning styles and needs
  • Comprehensive teacher guide or instructional support materials

Choosing Quality Classroom Materials for K-12

GPS OER Resources

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