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Library Media Services

Welcome to the Library Media Services Program

The Library Learning Commons are the hubs of our schools and play a central role in the education of our students. We provide physical and virtual spaces that support student learning and the entire school community. The philosophy of our program is one of flexible and open access to print and electronic resources to support all curricular areas and personal interests. 

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Digital Citizenship: appropriate, responsible, ethical and effective use of technology.

The District uses a robust filtering device to comply with CIPA and COPPA laws and to ensure inappropriate content is filtered for students at school (K­-12) as well as at home (K-­8).

That being said, the BEST filter is the adult:­ teachers, staff at school and the parents at home. Our guidelines, links and resources will be helpful in ensuring a productive, valuable and meaningful experience when students use their devices at home.