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Library Media Services

Greenwich Public School Library Media Specialists empower all learners to read widely, think critically, and become innovative, responsible citizens who are passionately engaged in our changing world. 

We cultivate instructional and community partnerships through co-teaching, professional learning and programming. We ensure equitable access by designing flexible spaces, curating and investing in resources and tools, and advocating for student data privacy. We foster engagement by providing opportunities for deeper learning, critical thinking, information literacy, digital citizenship, creativity, innovation and the active use of technology.

The work of the Library Media Specialists is done in support of helping students to master the subject area curriculum and achieve the capacities outlined in the GPS Vision of the Graduate.  Our roles in schools are multifaceted.  

The Library Media Centers in each of the 15 schools in Greenwich are the hubs of our schools and play a central role in the education of our students. We provide physical and virtual spaces that support student learning across the entire school community. The philosophy of our program is one of flexible and open access to print and electronic resources to support all curricular areas and personal interests. 

What We Do: