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Curriculum Advisory Committee


The Curriculum Advisory Committee’s (CAC) mission is to support the academic achievement of all students by providing input on the phases of curriculum development, review, and renewal. Members promote academic achievement by evaluating and recommending curriculum options and advising the School Board on behalf of students, parents, teachers, and the community.



The Curriculum Advisory Committee, working in collaboration with the Board of Education, makes recommendations that support continuous school improvement in an exemplary education system. In addition, the committee seeks to ensure district curricula meet state and national standards and the social, emotional, and physical needs of all children. The goal is to evaluate, recommend and select a curriculum that stimulates and challenges student thinking. It is the role of the committee to raise critical questions and provide essential feedback through curriculum review. Members evaluate possibilities, respectfully consider opinions, and make balanced recommendations. Individuals are determined each year as constituted by need. The committee will meet for a set period specified by district need, established parallel to the curriculum management plan.  All members advocate for a robust K-12 curriculum aligned with the GPS Vision of the Graduate.



The CAC represents a partnership between families, educators, and the community that guarantees positive outcomes for the students of Greenwich Public Schools. The body of literature supports the functionality and success of advisory committees in service of district curriculum selection. The Harvard Family Research Project found that collaboration at this level improves outcomes,  “When schools and community members work together to support learning, everyone benefits. Partnerships can serve to strengthen, support, and even transform individuals, resulting in improved program quality, more efficient use of resources, and better alignment of goals and curricula” (Harvard Family Research Project, 2010). 

 The inception of the CAC deepens a long-standing tradition of collaboration and communication.  Students, educators, and administrators district-wide embody the Understanding by Design principles curriculum. The purpose implementation of the district Curriculum Advisory Committee brings the district goals full circle. Our message is consistent in the partnership with teachers, administrators, and broader stakeholders. CAC, as we know “If you want your students to build a house, then everyone involved should have the blueprint from the beginning.” (EduPlanet, 2020). 


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