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The Arts continue to drive our identity during current times. It allows people to connect more deeply and open their eyes to new sights around them. Through Arts education, students are exposed to various forms of expression and strategies to communicate through a variety of culturally-influenced mediums. Participation in the Arts, especially during the early years of life, have proven to support developing culturally-responsive, compassionate, and creative contributing members of society. The Arts challenge us to rethink perspectives and demand a newer, better world.

Greenwich Public Schools offers a top-notch approach in supporting the artistic nature of each student. Students are offered opportunities to perform, present, create and respond in the music, art and theater disciplines. The support and collaboration of all the schools and community members, define a tradition of arts excellence which is highly recognized and respected within the town and state. The highly talented and professionally decorated staff provide quality, personalized instruction for each student dedicated to the program. Teaching and learning are personalized so each student is able to design, monitor and create their own experiences. All these components reinforce the development of the creative thinkers of tomorrow.

Arts Curriculum Presentation

Arts District Event Calendar

*Please note that all dates on the district event calendar are tentative and subject to change. Please confirm details with the various school locations.

Program Coordinator

Laura Newell

Program Coordinator - Art & Music
Central Office
The Arts, District Administration

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program in Greenwich Public Schools strive to support the artistic needs and exploration for every child.


The Music Program for Greenwich Public Schools is organized into three specific areas, Core Music Choral Music and Instrumental Music.

Choral and Instrumental Music

Theater Arts

Theater Arts in Greenwich Public Schools is found in Greenwich High School. Students are able to select this area as an elective. The Theater Arts Programs puts on several plays which include Black Box works as well as full-staged productions. All students in the high school are afforded the opportunity to participate in the study of theater.

Curriculum Overview

Click each grade to view the Curriculum Unit Map for each grade for the school year

Please review the Greenwich High School Course of Study guide to review the Visual Arts, Music and Theater Arts courses offered