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The Greenwich Public Schools is committed to creating the conditions for a coherent and aligned PK-12 continuum of learning for all students and assuring consistency of implementation.

It is the goal of the Academic Office to provide teachers and administrators with easy access to the district curriculum communicated in a calendar based map format through Aspen.

Each curriculum map includes pacing (scope and sequence) of content; big ideas; essential questions; concepts, and skills taught in a particular discipline (or combination of disciplines, for interdisciplinary curricula); textbooks and other core materials; identified measurable student learning objectives; and the methods of assessing student performance of learning objectives.

We promote a common standards-based curriculum for all students in which skilled educators design lessons and deliver instruction to meet the needs of their students. Teachers may deviate from the pacing noted, but must ensure that the curriculum is delivered, standards are met and students demonstrate the identified competencies. To accomplish this, teachers engage in a comprehensive approach to assessing students to support all teaching and learning.

The GPS Curriculum Services Handbook provides district processes and procedure for managing, implementing and renewing the curriculum.

Our Academic Offices

Arts (Art, Music, and Theater)


Participation in the Arts, especially during the early years of life, have proven to support developing culturally-responsive, compassionate, and creative contributing members of society. The Arts challenge us to rethink perspectives and demand a newer, better world.

To learn more, contact Laura Newell, Program Coordinator for the Arts at 203-625-7435 or visit the Arts Department website.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

To learn more, contact Irene Parisi, Assistant Superintendent at 203-625-7463 or visit the CTE Department website

Digital Literacy (Library Media Services)

To learn more, contact Robert Hibson at 203-987-1386, Media Services Program Coordinator or visit the Digital Literacy website.

FLES and World Language

To learn more, contact Adriane Hirsch-Klein, Program Coordinator for World Language at 203-625-7400 or visit the English as a Second Language or World Language Department website.





Humanities (English Language Arts and Social Studies)

Do you enjoy studying the human experience through analysis of historical events and literature? The GPS Humanities program brings together the two worlds of English Language Arts and Social Studies.

To learn more, contact Lori Elliot, Program Coordinator for Humanities at 203-625-7484 or visit the Humanities Department website.

Physical Education and Health

Greenwich Public Schools is committed to developing physically literate students, so that they can develop an active, healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

To learn more, contact Jeremy Boland, K-12 Program Coordinator for  Physical Education, Wellness and Family and Consumer Science at 203-625-7400.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

The Greenwich Public Schools STEM program recognizes that student success is driven not only by what you know, but by what you can do with what you know. What to notice, wonder and think while learning?

To learn more, contact Sheila Civale, Program Coordinator for STEM at 203-625-7483 or visit the STEM Department website.

Our Program Offices

Advanced Studies (ALP)

To learn more, contact Bonnie O' Regan, Program Facilitator for Advanced Learning at 203-625-7422 or visit the Advanced Studies/ALP Department website.


GPS is committed to Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). AVID delivers a demanding college-preparatory curriculum and facilitates student involvement in extracurricular activities.

To learn more, contact Judith Nedell, Program Coordinator for Guidance AVID or visit the AVID Program website.

Digital Learning Environment (DLE)

The resources and tools of digital learning support all GPS Educators in their ability to creating rigorous and cognitively engaging learning environments for all students.

To learn more, contact Irene Parisi, Chief Academic Officer at 203-625-7463, or visit the Digital Literacy Website

English Speakers of other Languages (ESL)

The GPS staff of 22 ELL educators work to serve our English Language Learners (ELLs) in each of our 11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 1 high school.

To learn more, contact Adriane Hirsch-Klein, Program Coordinator for English Language Learners/ESL at 203-625-7400 or visit the ESL Department website.


Parents have the right to exempt their child from public school education and educate he or she from home.

To learn more, contact Irene Parisi, Assistant Superintendent at 203-625-7463 or visit the Homeschooling Program website.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab pilot is researching the impact of student choice and voice in how they learn the standards-based content.

To learn more, visit the Innovation Lab website.

Magnet Schools

Seamless Summer Learning

Help GPS stop summer learning loss by participating in our Seamless Summer Learning Program that can be accessed anytime, anywhere using the GPS Digital Toolbox and identified resources for reading and math.

To learn more, contact Irene Parisi, Assistant Superintendent at 203-625-7463 or visit the Seamless Summer Learning website.