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In the realm of education, the Greenwich Public Schools stands resolute in its commitment to forge a seamless and aligned PK-12 continuum of learning, transcending boundaries to ensure uniform excellence for every student.  Our mission is nothing short of creating an environment where implementation is not just consistent but a beacon of inspiration.

At the heart of our academic aspirations is the fervent goal of the Academic Office - to empower teachers and administrators with a dynamic gateway to the district curriculum.  This unfolds in the form of a meticulously crafted calendar-based map format, seamlessly communicated through Schoology, a platform that serves as a conduit for educational enlightenment.  

Within each curriculum map lies the orchestrated symphony of educational design: pacing that intricately outlines the scope and sequence of content, profound big ideas, essential questions that spark curiosity, and the cultivation of crucial concepts and skills within each discipline.  Textbooks, core materials, and identified measurable student learning objectives create a robust foundation complemented by methods designed to assess student performance against these objectives.

Our vision extends beyond a mere curriculum; we champion a common standards-based ethos, ensuring that every student, regardless of their individual journey, benefits from the expertise of skilled educators.  Lessons are not merely delivered; they are meticulously designed, recognizing and adapting to the unique needs of each student.

While our educators possess the autonomy to navigate the pacing outlined, the core remains non-negotiable - the curriculum must be delivered, standards must be met, and students must exhibit the identified competencies.  This is not a rigid approach but an artful dance where teachers, armed with a comprehensive toolkit for assessment, engage in a symphony of support for all facets of teaching and learning.

In the tapestry of education, Greenwich Public Schools aspires not just to educate but to inspire, to ignite a passion for learning that transcends the classroom, shaping students into lifelong seekers of knowledge and architects of their destinies. 

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