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The Greenwich Public Schools is committed to creating the conditions for a coherent and aligned PK-12 continuum of learning for all students and assuring consistency of implementation.

It is the goal of the Academic Office to provide teachers and administrators with easy access to the district curriculum communicated in a calendar based map format through Aspen.

Each curriculum map includes pacing (scope and sequence) of content; big ideas; essential questions; concepts, and skills taught in a particular discipline (or combination of disciplines, for interdisciplinary curricula); textbooks and other core materials; identified measurable student learning objectives; and the methods of assessing student performance of learning objectives.

We promote a common standards-based curriculum for all students in which skilled educators design lessons and deliver instruction to meet the needs of their students. Teachers may deviate from the pacing noted, but must ensure that the curriculum is delivered, standards are met and students demonstrate the identified competencies. To accomplish this, teachers engage in a comprehensive approach to assessing students to support all teaching and learning.

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