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Teaching & Learning

Greenwich Public Schools believes in creating the conditions for a coherent and aligned PK-12 continuum of learning for all students and assuring consistency of implementation. Greenwich believes in providing a future ready curriculum that is agile enough to match the instructional practices in all classrooms.

The district provides support to all educators in their implementation of:

  • a standards-based curriculum
  • high impact instruction (aligned research-based instructional practices)
  • making learning personal
  • personalized professional learning

The Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional learning supports the teaching and learning process by providing support to all Academics and Professional Learning.

Greenwich Public Schools Office of Academics recognized by CAPSS as implementing Innovative Practices to make learning personal through a flexible curriculum resource while increasing learner voice and choice.

Meet the Academic Team

Supporting the Grade 5 to 6 Transition

In early January, we hold a virtual meeting to discuss the Fifth to Sixth Grade Transition Process. Middle School Counselors, Curriculum Coordinators, and Middle School Principals will talk about what goes on in the spring and summer to help prepare students for the next school level. During this session, coordinators presented information regarding the placement process for Advanced Studies in Grades 6-8.

See below for meet information:

Standards-Based Curriculum

Student Learning Experiences in Greenwich Public Schools that strive to innovate, personalize and build relationships with the content.