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Teaching & Learning

Greenwich Public Schools believes in creating the conditions for a coherent and aligned PK-12 continuum of learning for all students and assuring consistency of implementation. Greenwich believes in providing a future ready curriculum that is agile enough to match the instructional practices in all classrooms.

The district provides support to all educators in their implementation of:

  • a standards-based curriculum
  • high impact instruction (aligned research-based instructional practices)
  • making learning personal
  • personalized professional learning

The Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional learning supports the teaching and learning process by providing support to all Academics and Professional Learning.

Greenwich Public Schools Office of Academics recognized by CAPSS as implementing Innovative Practices to make learning personal through a flexible curriculum resource while increasing learner voice and choice.

Standards-Based Curriculum - Expand to View NEW Curriculum Overviews

GPS believes that a coherent, articulated PK-12 Standards-Based Curriculum supports all learners (adults and students) in creating and engaging in high impact learning tasks that ensure students develop and demonstrate the Vision of the Graduate capacities.

View our NEW GPS Curriculum Overviews to engage our Families as Partners in learning for K-5 Math and Science. Curriculum Overviews for Humanities and the Arts will be published on or before December 1, 2019.

State and National Academic standards define the knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn in a subject in each grade. Academic standards are designed to provide a clear path for students to gain the proficiency that is required to learn increasingly complex material in the next grade. Students who learn the knowledge and skills defined by the academic standards, year after year, are on track to graduate from high school on time and ready to enter college or the workforce.

Academic Core Standards in Connecticut

Next Generation Science Standards

National Core Arts Standards

Greenwich Public Schools Kindergarten Handbook 


High Impact Instruction

High-Impact Teaching Practices is a framework for developing learner experiences that help all learners develop the capacities of the Vision of the Graduate. The research-based, high impact instructional and teaching practices are:

Content Planning

  • Guiding Questions
  • Formative Assessment - Checks for Deep Understanding
  • Specific Proficiencies
  • Teaching Modifications to Make the Learning Personal


  • Thinking Prompts to Make Thinking Visible
  • Effective Questions for Deeper Learning
  • Cooperative Learning - Parters in the Learning
  • Stories - Telling and Honoring our Stories

Authentic Learning Community Building

  • Learner-Friendly Culture
  • Power With, not Power Over
  • Freedom Within Form
  • Articulated Clear Expectations
  • Witness to the Good
  • Corrections - Provide Time to Make Corrections Towards Mastery

Making Learning Personal

Personalized Learning in Greenwich is defined as a "teacher facilitated process that provides each student with meaningful choice, guided by a standards based curriculum, in what, where, how and at what pace and appropriate depth, they learn, based on individual strengths, needs, motivations, interests, goals and cultural backgrounds

Each person in GPS has a role in personalizing student learning, so that each student can demonstrate the capacities of the Vision of the Graduate through increased choice and voice.


The critical elements necessary for any teacher and student to realize personalized learning in GPS include:

  1. Partners in Learning
  2. Student Ownership
  3. Student Regulation

Combined, all play a part in developing student agency.

When implemented, students are engaged in the process and are empowered to manage their own learning in partnership with their teachers, peers, parents, principal, and community at large.

Learner-centered paradigm and community-based education work hand in hand.

Review the Greenwich Public Schools PL Playbook for Parents for information on what PL in our schools looks like, feels like and sounds like. 

Personalized Professional Learning

Click here to learn more about the GPS Personalized Professional Learning System.

Student Learning Experiences in Greenwich Public Schools that strive to innovate, personalize and build relationships with the content.