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The Riverside Reporter newspaper publicizes a variety of school events from the students’ point of view. It is an integral part of the Riverside School community where students in grade 5 visit classrooms to cover live events. Reporters develop their investigative skills and fine tune their writing techniques.

Being a Riverside Reporter involves multiple skills. Reporters learn how to include the different elements of news reports into their articles including impactful headlines, paragraphs, leads and captions. To warm up their writing skills, reporters learn the value of using effective vocabulary. They revise dull reports with stronger verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Training is included on how to ask open-ended questions when interviewing students and teachers. Reporters become experts on how to accurately and reliably quote their sources, and learn how to respond to constructive feedback in a timely manner. Participating in Riverside Reporter enables students to deepen their collaboration skills, and is an rewarding experience for dedicated writers.