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Read about Riverside's GENIUS HOUR in the Greenwich Time. Click here.

Introducing "Genius Hour"...

As part of our theme of Innovation, we introduced to students our very first "Genius Hour" in every classroom of the school. "Genius Hour" is a movement that allows students to explore their passions and interests and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn. It is primarily student directed, not teacher directed. Genius Hour will be held on Fridays two times a month throughout the year for an hour near the end of the day.

Teachers showed students a TouchCast video presentation and some supporting videos on the idea of Genius Hour and what it entails. They also got a chance to brainstorm possible ideas they might like to pursue over the next few months during the Genius Hour time at school. Ask them what ideas they discussed.

During our next Genius Hour students can decide on what type of topic and driving question they would like to research and explore during this time. You can also discuss ideas with your child and review the videos. Below are the links with more information. We will share more about Genius Hour with you soon.

"Genius Hour Part 1" on TouchCast

"Genius Hour Part 2" on TouchCast

"Genius Hour Part 3"

Mr. Weiss shares some of the exciting Genius Hour projects developed at our school in the following YouTube video produced at our school:

Our goal for Genius Hour: To allow students to develop their own independent area of learning and discovery.

The three Genius Hour requirements for students:
1) Have a driving question
2) Involve research
3) Be shared with the the class/school/others