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Curriculum Enrichment

The PTA is proud to bring outstanding enrichment programs to Riverside School. Learn more about our Arts in Education, Science in Education and Arts Field Day programs.

Arts Enrichment Programs

Students enjoy programs representing a wide variety of the arts including music, dance, painting, writing (creative writing, expository writing and poetry), theatre arts, storytelling and more. The bulk of our programming consists of hands-on workshops which emphasize student participation and active learning.


Riverside Rhythms

The Riverside Rhythms program is designed to allow our children to sit back, relax and enjoy some music during their lunch break. This program is offered roughly six times per academic year, with the goal of expanding children’s exposure to diverse music and culture.

Science Enrichment Programs

We offer innovative, interactive, hands-on science programming that effectively enhances the science curriculum. We provide funding to subsidize some of the exciting and educational science field trips planned by the classroom teachers. Programs range from learning about animals in their natural habitats, to weather, to light and sound and how they work.

An Opportunity for Students to Develop Innovative Solutions to Real-World Challenges

Riverside’s annual STEM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is taking place in April 2019 and offers students a chance to sharpen their STEM skills as they explore their world and/or create solutions to real-world problems.  

Participation is voluntary and open to all students. It is not competitive or part of any student’s grade.

Read all about the STEM FAIR and sign up at RIVPTA.ORG.  Happy exploring!

Arts Field Day

The Riverside School Arts Field Day is an opportunity for children in 3rd through 5th grades to experiment with different art forms and learn from professional artists. They can enroll in workshops to learn more about painting, musical theater, robotics, dance and much more!