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Shakespearean Topics

Life of Shakespeare

In Search of Shakespeare
Shakespeare Online

Shakespeare's Life
A Shakespeare Timeline
Shakespeare Homepage
The Life and Times of William Shakespeare
Concise Biography
Shakespeare Biography Quiz
Seven Ages of Shakespeare's Life
Shakespeare and Mythology

The Globe

Theaters in Elizabethan Times
Shakespeare's Globe
The Official Site of the Globe Theater
Virtual Tour of The Globe

The Actor's Life

Shakespeare's Actors
Shakespeare's Actors - includes roles performed by Shakespeare himself.
Actors who played in Shakespearean Plays
Condemnation of Elizabethan Theatre

Theatre (theatre-goers, types of plays, rules of theatre)

The Elizabethan Theatre
Introduction to Theatre - Elizabethan Era
Acting and Performing
The Audiences
The Public Theatre
The Private Theatre
Elizabethan Language and Idioms
Language: Forms of Address (or what to call everyone)
More Language: Insults

Elizabethan Times (children & childhood - marriage & family)

The Elizabethan World View
Life in Elizabethan Times
The Elizabethan Period
Life in Elizabethan Times - About Children
Sports and Games
Life in Elizabethan Times - Marriage & Family
Weddings and Betrothals
The Family
The Plague during the Elizabethan Era
Medical Beliefs and Practices
Services and Occupations
Medieval Technology Timeline
Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England
City Life in Elizabethan Times
Shakespeare's London

Belief in the Supernatural

Religion in Elizabethan England
Puck through the Ages
Fairy Mythology in Elizabethan times
Superstitions of Elizabethan Times
Shakespeare's Faeries

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