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General Resources

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Lau 2005.

General Resources

Check out World Book Online!
Go back to the Middle School Virtual Library page and on the left hand side under Quick Links (left) click on World Book.  (Password:  research)  

The Incas. Virtual Tour of Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and Hiram Bingham’s notes on the Architecture, Engineering, Language, Food, and Culture of the Incas.

The Lost Empire . Overview of the history of the Incas. NOVA/PBS. 2000.

Peru: Kingdom in the Clouds. 10 video segments on the history of the Incan Civilization, the architecture, culture and demise of the Incan Civilization. Need United Streaming Password. United Streaming. 2006.

Conquistadors. Interactive learning about the Spanish explorers and their effect on the Incas/Aztecs.

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Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. An interactive map and detailed photographs create a virtual tour of the Inca Trail. Angus McIntyre. 2004.

The Inca Trail, Machu Picchu and Mysterious Peru.
Extensive links on the Incas Trail and the history of the ancient cities along the route. Roy Davies. 2006.

Mystery Mountain of the Inca.
Cerro Victoria, a less famous but important Incan city. National Geographic. 2004.

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Culture Daily Life

Inca Culture. Detailed photographs and descriptions of itms from Incan daily life. National Geographic. 2006.

“Inca Tax Records Were Tied Up in Knots, Study Says.” Current theories on how the Incas recorded and communicated information. National Geographic. August 2005.

Mathematics and the Incas. Detailed explanation of the quipu, the Incan mathematical tool. University of St. Andrew, Scotland.

Saving the Potato in its Andean Birthplace. The potato was a critical food source. National Geographic Magazine. 2002.

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Ice Mummies

Thousands of Inca Mummies Raised From Their Graves
National Geographic News. 2002.

Ice Mummies of the Incas. Detailed expedition notes and photos of the expedition into the Andes. Nova Online/PBS. 2000.

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