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Emergency Alerts


The Greenwich Public Schools use a multi-channel communication plan to provide weather-related closing and delayed opening announcements and other emergency notifications. It is important to monitor multiple sources for emergency information. Please review the District’s emergency alert plan.

In the event of inclement weather or other causes (power outages, etc.) for the delayed opening or closing of school, the Superintendent or his/her designee will determine an appropriate and safe course of action. Generally, the decision is made and announced* between 5:00AM and 6:00AM. Please note that although every attempt is made to determine the opening status of the schools as early as possible, the Superintendent reserves the right to make that decision at any time based on the conditions of the moment. In the case of a delayed opening, please continue to check the status of the schools, as the status could change to a closing if the weather or an emergency situation continues or worsens.

The following methods of communication will be used for notification of school closures and delayed openings: - GPS Web Site: - CT Weather Web Site:, click on IAN Cancellations or follow link on GPS web site - District ParentLink: The District will use the ParentLink electronic telephone communication system to call the primary number for each family. -

Radio: local and regional stations - Television: Cablevision Channel News 12 and other local and regional stations.

Please note: A delayed opening means faculty will also arrive late to school. Since there is no supervision available before the stated delayed opening time, students must not arrive early on these days. Parents who must report to work at their usual times should arrange for their child to stay with another adult or go to the home of a classmate until school opens.

In the event of an EARLY RELEASE: In the case of an early release, a decision is made prior to 11:00 a.m. in order to follow the standard early release schedule. However, a decision could be made at any time to dismiss earlier or later than the ‘standard’ schedule. In either case, the early release dismissal times are listed on the GPS Web Site. It is suggested that if there is a chance of inclement weather, and parents/guardians will not be available that day due to work or other obligations, that parents/guardians check in with emergency contacts and make arrangements in case an early release is called.

The following methods of communication will be used for notification of an unscheduled Early Release: - GPS Web Site: - Local Radio Station: WGCH - Gmail for GPS staff

The following methods of communication MAY be used for notification of an unscheduled Early Release: Other local and/or regional radio and television stations; School ParentLink: Schools will use their ParentLink electronic telephone and/or email system at the discretion of each school’s building leader and based on the school’s Early Release notification protocol.

IMPORTANT: Do not rely on any ONE form of communication for information related to school closings, delays and/or early release. Please check phone, email, web, television and/or radio in anticipation of any changes of opening status for schools.