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Healthier Screentime

Physical Effects of Screentime:


Physical Effects of Lots of Screen Time -  healthy ways to offset the physical effects of staring at a screen like posture awareness, and getting up to take breaks and move your body around.  It also means limiting the amount of time kids are on the screen into chunks.  Give your kids a certain amount of time after school for free play or to connect with other kids virtually and then remove it after the allotted time is up.  Below is a link for the district's virtual discussion on improving posture while using screens.

  • ➜POSTURE AWARENESS WEBINAR: Stiff neck and shoulders?  Back pains?  Tight all over?  Ask yourself, what’s your posture like when you or your kids are using a digital device?  Join PTAC Health and Wellness Committee on Tuesday, November 10th at 8:00 pm for a Parent & Student Presentation: Posture Awareness (No Matter What School & Work Looks Like For You).  Dr. Elissa Diamond-Fields will offer practical tips and advice on proper posture  when using digital devices.  Come and learn about some easy and helpful tips to help you and your family stay healthy while studying and working.   

    Google Meet

    Topic/Time: PTAC Health & Wellness – Posture Awareness Webinar, 11/10/20 8PM EST

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    Phone Numbers: (US) ‪+1 617-675-4444

    PIN: ‪184 678 913 5625#


Healthier Screen Content:

How to monitor and manage what they're doing/seeing on the screen(s).    


A great resource to help guide you here is Reviews for what your kids want to watch (before they watch it) | Common Sense Media



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