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Early Birds Activities Hour

Old Greenwich School PTA
Early Birds Activities Hour

Registration and Waiver for Session 2 -

(Please fill out one registration form and waiver per family)

The Old Greenwich PTA is pleased to offer the Early Birds Activities Hour to all students of Old Greenwich School in grades K-5. This program provides a safe, fun environment for children prior to the start of the school day with a variety of activities. Parents must drop off children at Cafeteria doors and hand in required forms to the staff. Payments will be made electronically on Membership Toolkit. Please contact 


❖ Meet Monday through Friday in the cafeteria from 7:30am to 8:30am beginning on the second day of school and continues on all days that school is in session. There is no Early Birds with a delayed school start.

❖ Participation in the program may either be through registration for the entire session for 1 to 5 days per week, or on a drop-in basis.

❖ The instructors supervising the program do so on a rotational basis, and they are all teachers or staff at OGS. Each one brings a slightly different skill set to the table for the benefit of the children’s learning experience.

❖ You must submit the Waiver and Registration Forms as well as the registration or session fee before attending (found on website) the program.

❖ For complete details please see the OGS PTA Website:


MEDICAL PROCEDURES AND NOTICES: Please note that the school nurse is not on duty during the hours Early Bird Club operates. It is the responsibility of the monitor supervising the Early Bird program to handle any medical emergency. A first aid kit is available for use by the supervisor. Please note it is your responsibility to convey any special medical information (severe food allergies, asthma, etc) about your child to the program monitors as this information is considered confidential and therefore cannot be passed on by the school. A line is provided on the registration form for this information, and the information is kept confidential by the monitors. If your child is sick they should not be sent to the Early Bird Club. You should follow the same guidelines for keeping your child at home as outlined in the school handbook.