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Digital Learning Environment

Greenwich Public Schools provides each child with access to computer technologies including the Internet. Access to the Internet enriches children’s educational experiences and provides necessary skills in order for them to collaborate, research and communicate in our global society. Within this context, Greenwich Public Schools makes every effort to provide a safe and appropriate experience for your child.

Acceptable Use Policy - AUP

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

As part of the library media curriculum, students are expected to be reliable and safe digital citizens. In the beginning of the school year, students are introduced to the expectations for their grade level as well as the GPS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). These rules are reinforced both in the classroom and in the media center throughout the year. Students are held accountable for their actions online and on their devices.

1:1 Devices

Each student is issued a district provided iPad to extend learning in the classroom and to create digital projects. The 1:1 devices provide teachers with resources to differentiate instruction according to the needs of each student. It personalizes the learning and students make choices about how they learn and present their knowledge.Students can collaborate with other students and create projects that showcase what they have learned.

  • In addition, all students are issued a set of headphones.
  • Students is grades 2-5 are issued an external keyboard.
  • Students who bring their iPads home are responsible for keeping them charged.
  • When iPads are left at school, there is charging capability in the classroom. Students are responsible for keeping their devices charged.


Tech support for school issued devices is available in the Library Learning Commons during school hours. If you need support at other times please try the following steps:

  • Restart the iPad by holding down the power and home buttons until you see the apple.
  • Shut down the app by double clicking the home button and swiping up to close it.
  • If the above does not work have your child bring the iPad to the media center during help desk hours.
  • If you are having trouble with an App please see your child's classroom teacher.
Please report any damage or lost devices to your child's teacher as soon as possible