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Learning Commons

The Library Learning Commons at North Street School is a learning center where students and teachers meet and gather to do research, collaborate and create.

The mission of the Library Learning Commons is to make sure that students, staff, and community are effective users of information and digital literacy. It is a resource rich environment, where collaboration stimulates creative ways to present knowledge.

Innovation Space - Makerspace
The North Street School Learning Commons has a new section opening this fall. When you enter the Learning Commons, it is the first open space you see with tables, chairs, shelves, materials, activities and three small Makerbots.

When students work in the Innovation Space, they become problem solvers and exercise their minds to find solutions. The things they create demonstrate
their ability to think critically, think sequentially, solve problems and find answers.

Sometimes Innovation Spaces are called STEAM labs. The letters in STEAM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Students make items that demonstrate learning in all content areas. Students' natural curiosity lead them to -
Think Tinker Explore Create