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Special Education



Welcome to the 2018/19 school year!

First and foremost, in case you are new to the Greenwich Public School system or just haven't familiarized with EDS, it stands for Educational Differences Support. (But you should also know that it is synonymous with SES or Special Education Support and the name change took place two years ago so it's still referred to as both.) Every public school in town has one or two reps and I am here to make sure you:

  • Know all that you need to know with regard to your child's services

  • Have all of the support as a parent that you want or need

  • Are informed about upcoming lectures and available services for your child (inside and outside of school)

  • Know who I am in the event you have a questions or concerns

Thank you,

Jennifer Lau (parent contact)


Here is a link to the GPS Special Education Site