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The links below will take you to ISDPTA.ORG, our ISD PTA portal, which is independent of this Greenwich Public Schools informational site.  Our ISDPTA.ORG website provides a rich set of features and functions, including register and pay for PTA  membership, access online Family Directory, register for the Afters program, sign-up for PTA sponsored events and activities, buy SpiritWear, volunteer, find calendars and schedules, newsletters and information, and more.

Please take the time to Register and create a Family Profile so that your family will be included in the online directory and you will have access to all of the opportunities we have to offer.




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Afters Information and Registration

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For more information Contact ISD PTA

* Links on this page will redirect you to external website(s) that are no longer a part of, or affiliated with, the Greenwich Public Schools (GPS) website or domain. GPS is not responsible for any and all information published on these external links. Thank you.