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Tech Support

Here you can find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding iPads, apps, and other technologies related to your child's learning.

My child can't remember his username/password. What should I do?

Each student has recorded user names and passwords in the Notes app on their iPad. Please click on the Notes app.

Why shouldn't we set up a passcode for the iPad?

The iPad is owned by the district and thus must be monitored and managed by the district. If a passcode is created, the Media Staff cannot access the iPad to troubleshoot and provide support. If a password is created the iPad will be removed from use.

How do I help my child connect to our home Wi-Fi?

  1. Click on settings (the gray gear icon)
  2. Select WiFi
  3. Locate your home WiFi network and click on it
  4. Enter your WiFi password if required
  5. Watch this video for further instructions

My child forgot the iPad at school. How can she complete her digital homework?

Nearly every assignment can be accessed via a computer's browser so if you have a computer at home they can still access their Google drive, Google Classroom. Schoology account, Newsela, Nearpod, Big Universe, IB Virtual Resources, the GPS Virtual Learning Commons, etc.

If you do not have a computer at home, students can access our school computers after or before school and can access public computers at the public library.

If all else fails, tell them to let their teacher know as soon as they get to school the next day and an alternate plan will be implemented.

My child's ipad is broken or isn't working properly. What should we do?

Students should let their teacher know about problems with their iPad as soon as they are discovered. Students will receive a temporary iPad while the problem is rectified.

Whom should I contact at ISD about problems related to my child's iPad?

The first person to be contacted is your child's teacher. At that point, the teacher may refer the problem to our school's Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Jane Martellino. who is responsible for the implementation of our school's Digital Learning Environment. Depending on the issue, Mrs. Martellino may refer the problem to Media Technical Assistant, Chris Harris, school Principal, Mrs. Ricci, or district IT department.