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Student Government

Student Government Rep Applications:  

If you're interested in applying to be a Student Government Representative this year, you should follow these steps:

  1. Read and complete the 2020-2021 Greenwich High School Student Government Rep Application. This form must be submitted no later than 3:15pm on Thursday 9/17.
  2. Contact and secure endorsements from 1 teacher and at least 20 members of your class who support your role as a leader. You must send this 2020-2021 Greenwich High School Student Government Applicant Endorsements form to each of your supporters, and ask them to individually submit the form on your behalf. All endorsements must be submitted no later than 3:15pm on Thursday 9/17.
  3. Participate in a brief virtual interview with current leaders of the Student Government Executive Committee (ExComm) and Class Officers.

9th GRADE NOTE: This application process to be a member of Student Government is separate from the election of Freshman Class Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). Information about Freshman Class Officer elections will be shared in the next couple of weeks.

Please read the description of Student Government and the responsibilities of class Representatives below. Contact Mr. Silkman, Student Government Advisor,, with questions.


Student Government Description and Responsibilities

Student Government Reps represent their fellow classmates in Student Government Mass Meetings, held monthly during the school day. Each meeting includes an “open mic” session, where Reps are encouraged to voice their concerns or propose their ideas to better the school.

Each Rep will be assigned to a Committee based on his or her preferences. The Committees -- Community Service, Public Relations, Special Events and Student Concerns -- are overseen by a Student Government Vice President and hold mandatory meetings on a monthly basis. Reps are also required to attend Class Rep meetings which will be held on a monthly basis with Class Officers and Advisors. Reps are also expected to support and take part in all Student Government activities and initiatives.

You should join Student Government if you think you could make a valuable contribution to bring about change at GHS and/or if you think your opinions are underrepresented at our school!

Executive Committee: 

Student Body President
Mark Chen

VP of Communications
Lily Bartels

VP of Community Service
Hadley Rosenberg

VP of Special Events
Liza Danielsen

VP of Student Concerns
Colin Speaker 


Advisor: Daniel Silkman

Class Officers:


President: Meredith Blanchard 
Vice President: Zachary Santoro
Secretary: Wyatt Radzin
Treasurer: Will Quinlan
Advisors: Kristina Downing & Courtney Powers


President: Steven Blank
Vice President: Luke Scanlan
Secretary: Olivia Baine
Treasurer - Ben Fertig
Advisors: Genta Gusho & Kathleen Mendez


President: Isabella Gega
Vice President: Sophie Citron
Secretary: Elie Sykes
Treasurer: Brandon Yu
Advisors: Chrystopher Hernandez & John Schlesinger


President: TBD 
Vice President: TBD
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: TBD
Advisors: Colleen Mayo & Sean Mayo