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Greenwich High School is committed to the co-curricular involvement of all students and to the development and recognition of student leaders. We believe that participation in school activities develops skills, provides direction in goal setting, and contributes ultimately to a positive school climate.

Here is a List of the 2021 - 2022 Clubs for quick access to faculty advisor, student leader and a description of the club.  Dates and times of when the clubs will meet will be added soon. 

To contact a club, you may email the advisor (first name)_(last name) or the student leader (first name).(last name) 

Students who have general questions regarding any co-curricular opportunities or students interested in starting a new club are encouraged to come to the Student Activities Office. Club specific questions should be addressed to the club advisor.

All students proposing a new club, must complete a “New Club” application. They can also be found in Student Activities.  In addition to the application, you need the following to establish a new club: an interest from your classmates, a faculty advisor, and a meeting with the Director of Student Activities.

Prior to completing the application, look at the current clubs to make sure there is not a similar club that already exists. Once you have established that, complete the application, submit it to student activities and make an appointment for your meeting with the Director of Student Activities. Establishment of a new club will be decided on an individual basis. 

New Club Applications will be accepted between October 1 and May 1

Virtual GHS Club Fair