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Humans of Greenwich

Humans of Greenwich High School is a project with the goal of sharing, and learning from, the stories of members of our community.  This is done by providing a space for students to reflect on one of the No Place for Hate Pledge points in a meaningful way.


  • reflect on past mistakes, current events
  • share how you're making a difference in your community
  • tell us a story of a time when others propped you up


  • Creative artwork
  • Creative writing
  • Poetry
  • Prose

Entries can be submitted anonymously or with names.


Student submission will be monitored by the No Place for Hate student committee and may be posted on our website. 

All student participants will have final say in the distribution of their stories as a part of our campaign, and we will not share any stories without proper credit and consent! 

All Humans of Greenwich High School submissions should be sent through the provided Google Form linked above. Please reach out if you have any questions! 

We look forwards to seeing your responses, have fun! 

Entries due by 04/30!


At the end of his first day of high school, Phillip took a few meaningful steps on the whites of the school’s tile that brought him to confront the talkers in the middle of their meeting.

Halla Clausi

From a young age I developed my identity based on my interests in science, art, and my curiosity rather than my race or religion.