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National Honor Society

National Honor Society for Class of 2021

Update June 12 

NHS Selection Committee Decisions: National Honor Society decisions for those who applied from the Class of 2021 will be sent via email  the week of June 15th. All decisions are final. 

Spring Eligibility: Juniors who achieved a 3.55 GPA or higher with the posting of final grades next week will be notified of their eligibility via email next week and their packets will be due on Oct. 15th. If you received an email inviting you to submit a packet, please make a copy of the 2021 SPRING PACKET in your Google Drive.

You are encouraged to read the packet as soon as possible to insure that you meet required deadlines.

The completed packet must be typed and printed for submission. If you have earned a 6-semester cumulative GPA of 3.55* or higher and did not receive a letter inviting you to submit a packet, please contact Ms. Haley as soon as possible.  The only students eligible to submit a packet are those who received a letter of invitation. (If you need access to a PDF of this file, please contact Ms. Haley at


The Greenwich High School chapter of the National Honor Society recognizes students for their exemplary scholarship, service, character and leadership. Membership is a privilege, not a right.

This site offers a description of the criteria for entrance into the Greenwich High School National Honor Society. If you still have a question after reading through the site, please send an e-mail to Ms. Haley, the National Honor Society Adviser.


The Basics

Eligible candidates will meet the following criteria:

GPA must be 3.55 or higher by the end of junior year.

Community Service must total at least 45 hours by the packet submission deadline; 15 additional hours can be earned the summer after junior year for a total of 60 required hours. Students with fewer than 45 hours in April of junior year are not eligible to submit a packet. 

Leadership and character must be demonstrated consistently from 9th-11th grade.

See "Criteria for Selection" for details.



Eligible candidates will be notified in February of junior year. Some students will not become academically eligible until June of their junior year. Eligible students must fill out a packet, available on line. Students who meet eligibility requirements at the end of first semester of junior year will have a spring due date for the packet. Students who reach academic eligibility at the end of their junior year in June will have a fall due date. These due dates will be announced when students are notified of their eligibility and students will have approximately 8 weeks to complete the packet.


*The cumulative GPA cannot include modified grades or curriculum.