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Greening GHS

Solar Panels at GHS

GHS Solar Panels
In an effort to reduce our ecological footprint, GHS is equipped with a small solar cell array on the roof of the science wing along with a sensor that constantly reports the output data from the


panels. The array contributes a portion of electricity to the energy demands of the school, which reduces the amount of electricity that we need from external sources that have a larger environmental impact (like natural gas), as well as ultimately saving money for the school over time. The data output from the solar panels can also be used by students for research purposes or incorporated into lessons on investment vs savings, efficiencies in energy transfers, unit conversions, weather and/or seasonal impacts on solar energy collection, or environmental impact analysis.


Solar Panel Output

Below is some basic information on the panels as well as an interactive graph that shows energy output over different time scales. You can switch between daily, monthly, or even yearly time scales to see the energy output from the solar panels measured in kilowatt-hours. Also see additional information on the GHS energy yield and the system specifications.