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Headmaster's Message

Headmaster Chris WintersYou can follow the GHS Headmaster on Twitter @GHSHeadmaster

It is an honor to serve the GHS community. I continue my commitment to harnessing the collective energy and talent at GHS to ensure that all our students achieve at the highest levels.

Our Vision of the Graduate, posted in every classroom, continues to focus our energy and resources. We strive for all students to master the core body of knowledge and to demonstrate the capacities listed in the Vision. All changes made to curriculum, instruction and student support services have the Vision of the Graduate as the basis for our work.

We maintain our focus on preparing students to be college and career ready. Evidence from standardized testing indicates that GHS is exceeding state standards in all areas and is competitive with the highest achieving districts. Our scores on SAT and AP are hitting or approaching all time highs. Beyond academics, we take great pride in the accomplishments of our students.

While all capacities articulated in the Vision of the Graduate are critical, one that receives heightened focus describes students who “conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner.” We aim to engage students in conversations about appropriate behavior and, ultimately, help students make wise and ethical choices. We set a high bar for our behavior and hold all accountable for reaching it.

At GHS, we believe that strong communication between school and home is critical. GHS seeks to provide and expand methods for communication which are easily accessible, well directed, and responsive to GHS and the greater Greenwich community. I encourage parents to attend a monthly Headmaster Forum—informal discussions about issues and concerns—and the many additional opportunities we provide for parents to learn more about the educational experience at GHS.

GHS continuously strives to provide an education that is rigorous, innovative and responsive. I welcome your positive contributions to our students’ education and appreciate the opportunity to work in one of the greatest high schools in the nation.

Chris Winters
GHS Headmaster
(203) 625-8002
Twitter: @GHSHeadmaster