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Tennis - Boys

Information Meeting:

There will be a non-mandatory information meeting for all new and returning players on November 8 from 2:45-3:15pm.  Look/listen for signs/announcements with the location of the meeting.

Program Overview:

The GHS Boys Tennis program consists of three teams, one varsity and two sub varsity teams.  The varsity team plays other FCIAC schools in a 16 match regular season schedule and each of our other teams plays a 9-11 game schedule.  The varsity team also competes in a postseason FCIAC and a State Tournament.  Our home courts are at GHS (varsity) and Central Middle School (sub varsity).

Anyone interested in GHS Boys Tennis should complete this form.  You must also register online and have an up to date health form.  See below and on the athletics home page for more information.

Tryout Information:

All boys tennis tryouts will take place at the GHS courts.

(please look often at this page for changes due to weather / other factors)   

Saturday 3/19
Times TBD             Grades 9 and 10  (some players will be asked to move to the later time)
Times TBD             Grades 11 and 12

Sunday 3/20
Times TBD             Grades 9 and 10  (some players will be asked to move to the later time)
Times TBD             Grades 11 and 12

Monday 3/21          90 minutes - Time TBD

Tuesday 3/22         90 minutes - Time TBD

Wednesday 3/23    90 minutes - Time TBD

Thursday 3/24        90 minutes - Time TBD

Friday 3/25             90 minutes - Time TBD

Saturday 3/26        TBD All players;  TBD Varsity practice


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your weekend sessions to check in and warm up.  

Covid Reporting Form -  TBD (complete honesty is expected)        

Registration - Every player must be registered on the Greenwich High School Athletics website and have an up to date physical.  Specific instructions are on the site, and tryout information regarding dates, times and locations will appear when they are finalized.

Only players with completed registration AND health forms will be allowed to tryout.

You will be notified by a GHS email if your registration and health information are complete or if either requires additional information.  Please do not wait until the last minute to provide your information or to address any issues.

Please dress accordingly as it can be cold and windy in March and there may be times you will not be moving around.  Bring your own water.  Try to get is some outdoor practice between now and tryouts, so you’ll be a bit used to sun, wind, cold ... and a high ceiling on lobs or overheads!


Every player is expected to take care of his health and to be respectful of others by diligently following health guidelines including frequent hand washing, maintaining proper distance, wearing a mask, avoiding risky environments as well as prompt notification of personal health conditions when asked during tryouts and the season.  Players are expected to be vigilant and act responsibly; many of the same precautions you follow for school (mask, distancing, hygiene, notification, etc.) will be in force for tennis.

Time Commitment:

Practice sessions and matches typically start right after school and vary depending upon court availability and location of the competition.  There are occasional weekend practices and some varsity matches have been scheduled during the week of spring break.  Each player is expected to manage his time to effectively balance the demands of his academic and athletic schedule.

Spring break runs from Fri 4/15 through Sun 4/24.  Varsity players should plan to be here that week because the team has matches; dates TBD.  If you have a previously scheduled and unavoidable conflict, please contact the varsity coach soon as you can.  Sub varsity teams typically do not have matches that week.


There will be a link as we get closer to the season for anyone interested in ordering some tennis clothing items. This is purely optional, and has no bearing on tryouts.  Those players who wind up making a sub varsity team will be given a warm jacket, as well as GHS Tennis shorts and shirts for use during the season.  Varsity team members will get match gear as well.

Pre-Season and Off-Season Conditioning:

There are a number of out of season conditioning and training activities players should devote time to.  Since tryouts only last a few days, all new and returning players are encouraged to be in shape prior to tryouts so they perform well and to avoid injuries.


Ray Marschall
Head Coach

Felix Yamasato
Junior Varsity A Coach

Bonnie Copp
Junior Varsity B Coach

Jim Chiusano

Volunteer Coach