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Wellness Education

Program Overview:

The mission of the Greenwich High School Wellness Education Program is to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. To that end, we provide all students with a challenging range of educational opportunities in safe, supportive environment that fosters respect for self and others.

For a full overview of the courses offered by the Science Department, please see the GHS Course of Study Guide.

For information about course grading and attendance, please see the Wellness Grading Policy and Requirements.

Program Contact Information:

Ms. Lillian Perone
Program Associate, GHS
GPS Lead Teacher

Mr. Bill Brehm
PE & Wellness

Ms. Melissa D'Agostino

Mr. Wayne Gioffre
PE & Wellness

Mr. Steve Lapham
PE & Wellness

Mr. Patrick Mediate
PE & Wellness

Ms. Kathy Steiner

Wellness Themes and Topics by Grade:

Grade 9

Theme: Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior


  • Self-Esteem
  • Conflict Resolution & Effective Communication
  • Substance Abuse Prevention- Nicotine/ Vaping, Alcohol & Marijuana, Refusal Skills
  • Disease Prevention- Lyme Disease, and Skin Cancer
  • Sexual Health Education- Values, Gender Roles, Abstinence

Grade 10

Theme: My Behavior Affects Self and Others


  • Anger Management
  • Media Literacy- Advertising- Nicotine/ Vaping & Alcohol, Body Image
  • Substance Abuse Prevention- Risky Decisions, Prescription Drugs, Over-the-Counter Drugs, Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Disease Prevention- STI’s & HIV/AIDS

Grade 11

Theme: Making a Difference


  • Stress Management, Depression & Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Discrimination & Diversity
  • Violence Prevention- Risk & Protective Factors, Sexual Violence & Teen Dating Violence
  • Substance Abuse Prevention- Teen Brain Development, Drug Use, Addiction & Enabling

Grade 12

Theme: Where Am I Going and What Do I Need To Do To Get There?


  • Responsibility & Personal Health
  • Substance Abuse Prevention- College Campus Safety, Drug Testing
  • Sexual Health Education- Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships and Birth Control
  • Disease Prevention- Cancer Prevention & Reproductive Health
  • Senior Wellness Project