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Physical Education

Program Overview:

Our Physical Education Program teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a physically active and healthy lifestyle. To that end, we provide all students with a challenging range of educational opportunities in a safe, supportive environment that fosters respect for self and others.

For a full overview of the courses offered by the Physical Education Department, please see the GHS Course of Study Guide.

For information about course grading and attendance, please see the Department Grading Rational.

Program Contact Information:

Ms. Lillian Perone
Program Associate, GHS
GPS Lead Teacher

Mr. Bill Brehm
PE & Wellness

Mr. Wayne Gioffre
PE & Wellness

Ms. Chrys Hernandez

Mr. Steve Lapham
PE & Wellness

Mr. Patrick Mediate
PE & Wellness


11th & 12th Grade PE Elective Courses

9th and 10th Required Courses