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Spring 2020 Grade Policy

Spring 2020 Grade Policy (Adopted 4/30/20)

Greenwich Board of Education passed a grading policy that will be implemented during the fourth marking period of the 2019-2020 school year. This policy will only be in effect until the end of the school year. 

The purpose of the policy is to assist students and families that are struggling during this pandemic (ie: students/families who are ill, who have to work, take care of siblings or are in need of additional resources that could only be received in a school setting). The policy allows those students to opt in to a Pass/Fail option for the fourth marking period.

All students that might consider this option are asked to wait until progress reports come out in mid-May.  Before reaching a decision, students should discuss this option with their school counselor.  This policy is intended to provide an option for students who might be struggling, but also allow students to keep their letter grades. 

Policy highlights:

  • All students will receive grades for 4th Marking Period unless they choose to opt in for Pass/Fail for 4th Marking Period.

  • A parent or student would have to submit an opt in form that they would request from their school counselor and return it by June 1st to receive a Pass/Fail grade. 

  • How final grades are calculated has been changed by this policy, with weighting distributed according to the charts referenced in the regulations.  

  • All final exams have been cancelled.

Questions regarding this new policy, should be directed to the House Administrator or School Counselor.

For more information, read the BOE Spring 2020 Grading Policy (Spanish) or the GHS Regulations for the Spring 2020 Grading Policy.


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