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Special Education

The Special Education Program at Greenwich High School offers a continuum of programming. Each student receives special education and related services tailored to his/her individual educational needs.

Academic Lab

The goal of the Academic Lab is to assist in the education of students who have been identified as having mild to moderate disabilities by providing intensive academic support services. Instructional services include:

1. Remedial skill instruction

2. Learning and organizing strategies

3. Instruction in compensatory skills

4. Executive functioning skills

5. College/Career/Life Skills planning and Transition Instruction

6. Collaboration with content area teachers and staff

7. Consultation with subject teachers, key staff and parents.

Special Education teachers monitor the implementation and coordination of the students Individualized Education Plan and act as case manager for the student. Each of the five houses has two Academic Labs.

Strategic Social Academic Lab

A program for students with higher level social and behavioral needs. These students can access the general education curriculum with moderate modifications and accommodations. There is an emphasis on social thinking and behavior regulation, which includes social skills training, an awareness of sensory needs, and a small, safe environment for behavioral interventions. The program includes a check-in and check-out daily with special education teacher and support staff. Students will also receive vocational and higher level independent living skills training. This program uses a collaborative team approach.

Comprehensive Support Program

The comprehensive support program reflects courses that are designed for students requiring high levels of academic and or social- emotional support to meet the high school graduation competencies. Through the program based structure, students develop skills in the following areas:

  • Self management and independence
  • Peer and adult relationships
  • Academic excellence
  • Preparation for post secondary experiences

All courses parallel mainstream curricula and receive high school credit. Students may participate in general education courses and activities while in CSP.

Resources for Academic and Independent Life Skills

Activities of Daily Living

This course is intended to be taken with the Functional Math course, due to the time required to participate in community-based learning. Lessons are focused on topics that include Community Resources, Socialization, and Community Safety. This course is designed to develop life skills necessary to enhance/increase students’ independence in real world setting. Students participate in lessons using a variety of strategies including: video modeling, technology, and role play. Students in this class are often involved in the Come Together Club. This club facilitates socialization at lunch with non-disabled peers. Some of the skills addressed include: Food preparation, Clothing, Money and Finance, Vocational preparation, Health, Travel and Transportation, Community Resources, Community Signs, and Safety.

Functional Math

This course is designed to develop the math skills necessary in to develop students’ independence in the real world. This course is intended to be taken with the Activities of Daily Living course, due to the time required to participate in community-based learning. Some of the topics addressed in this course include: Money, Counting Change, Time, Calendar, Graphs, Budgeting, Comparison Shopping, Coupons, Tax, Banking, Checks, Paychecks.

Community Connections: 18-21 year old community program

St. Catherine of Siena

The purpose of the Community Connections program is to prepare young adults with disabilities to be active, productive and integral members of their community. For each student, this will be guided by their post-school outcome goal statements and the Greenwich Public Schools’ Vision of the Graduate. In 2017-2018 the program relocated to St. Catherine of Siena Church, located at 4 Riverside Ave, Riverside CT. (203) 625-7459

Information for Incoming Parents

Please see our Orientation to Special Education Slideshow for more information. 

Program Contact Information:

Ms. Carleen Wood 
Assistant Director: Pupil Personnel Services

Ms. Kim Coppola
Administrative Assistant
(203) 625-8009


The best way to contact a teacher is via email. Please see the Staff Directory for email addresses.

For additional information about the Special Education referral and identification processes; information on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), related services, procedural safeguards, and parent forums and resources visit the District web pages.