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Safe School Climate

The Safe School Climate Committee is responsible for developing and fostering a safe school climate and addressing issues relating to bullying in the school. The GPS definition of “school climate” means the quality and character of school life with a particular focus on the quality of the relationships within the school community between and among students and adults.

We embed our District norms in all aspects of our school life:

  • Be here
  • Be Safe
  • Be Honest
  • Care for Self and Others
  • Let Go and Move On

Greenwich High School has several avenues to report issues related to behavioral concerns.

Reporting Avenues

Students can report any issues to any school personnel. Greenwich High School personnel will follow up with the students involved .

Anonymous Alerts allows students or parents to anonymously submit any sensitive or urgent student issues quickly to school officials. Students or parents can submit reports such as bullying, cyber bullying, depression, dating violence, drug or alcohol use, threats against the school, weapons on campus and more. All messages submitted remain completely anonymous. To send a report, either go to or download the FREE anonymous Alert Apple iOS app or Android App. Login: gps and password: gps

The Greenwich Public Schools has a filtering system for student email. There are a large number of words and pictures which trigger a Gaggle response. Once a student's email is flagged, an email is sent to Greenwich Public School personnel to alert them. Greenwich High School personnel will follow up with the students involved. Email is monitored from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday excluding weekends and holidays.