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Opportunity Block

Semester 2 Opportunity Block:

Please see the Catalog of Semester 2 Opportunity Block Offerings.   

Opportunity Block Offerings are scheduled one time per cycle for the second semester. Students may request up to eight Opportunity Block Offerings.  For additional information regarding how to sign up for offerings, please see the January 28, 2020 Letter from Headmaster Mayo.


  • January 27 - February 6: Students request OB offerings in Aspen.
  • February 7:  OB Offerings are loaded in students schedules.
  • February 18:  Semester 2 OB Offerings begin

Opportunity Block Overview:

Opportunity block runs every day from 2:45PM to 3:15PM

The original goals for the Opportunity Block were:

  • To provide flexibility to begin group and individual homework within a protected school setting.
  • Minimize early dismissals for student-athletes for contests.
  • Expand teacher access to students for individual help.
  • Provide opportunities for students to pursue their unique interests, passions and curiosities

For more information on how Opportunity Block will be implemented at the High School in the 2019-2020 School year, please see the Memo from the Headmaster, August 30, 2019.

Students who have non-GHS athletic commitments, employment, responsibilities for a family member, involved in community service, have an internship or other activities may be released from Opportunity Block. Students other than seniors who wish to be released from Opportunity Block must complete the Opportunity Block Release Form and return it to their House Administrator for approval prior to being dismissed.