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Opportunity Block

Semester 2 Opportunity Block Offerings


January 18th - January 31st :

  • Review the Semester 2 Opportunity Block Offerings found on the GHS Website and in Aspen. 
  • Select Opportunity Block Offering requests. 

February 1st: GHS will load Opportunity Block Offering requests into student schedules provided there is space available.

February 5th: Opportunity Block Offerings begin.  Please check student’s schedule.

For information on how to register for an Opportunity Block Offering in Aspen, please see the Opportunity Block Letter to Parents and Students.

Opportunity block runs every day from 2:45 to 3:15 PM.      

Students have multiple options for how to use their time:

  • Students can remain in their scheduled last block class and get extra help from the teacher, start their homework, complete a test or assignment, read a book, etc.  

  • Students can get extra help from a different classroom teacher with either, a previously obtained purple Opportunity Block pass or and email from that teacher.  

  • Students can attend their scheduled Opportunity Block Offering.  See Semester 2 Opportunity Block Offerings.