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Guidance Staff

Meet your School Counselors and Guidance Staff

All faculty and staff email addresses are:


College & Career Counselor: Alison Lochridge 625-8046 Career Center / Guidance Assistants:  Angela Early (8:30-11:30am) Natalie Frenz (11:30am-3:15pm) 625-8040

Windrose School Counselor: Luis Rivera 990-0439 

Bella House Counselors: Kelly Dwyer 625-8095, Nicole Iachetta 625-8093, Danielle Nash 625-8092, Bella Guidance Assistant: Angela Carino 625-8089  Bella Attendance: 625-8053

Cantor House Counselors: Arianne Haley 863-8851, Colleen Mayo 863-8852, Suzanne Patti 863-8806, Cantor Guidance Assistant: Giovanna Vernuccio 863-8846   Cantor Attendance: 863-8847

Clark House Counselors: Roy Colson 625-8083, Shannon Presta 625-8085, Kristina Vaios 625-8082, Clark Guidance Assistant: Judy Massi 625-8079  Clark Attendance: 625-8053

Folsom House Counselors: Barbara Gong 625-8072, Sachem Hodgson 625-8068, Louis Quinn 625-8070, Folsom Guidance Assistant: Patricia Contreras 625-8055  Folsom Attendance: 625-8065

Sheldon House Counselors: Evan Dubin 625-8058, Jennifer Lynch 625-8062, Mara Subach 625-8057, Sheldon Guidance Assistant: Rose Furano 625-8066  Sheldon Attendance: 625-8065

Transition Coordinator/SSD Coordinator: Christopher Lovermi 863-8817

Coordinator of Guidance: Judith Nedell 625-8097

GHS Registrar/Guidance Assistant: Bea Carriero 863-8844

Central Middle School Counselors: Colleen Alfano 813-8418, Michele Davis 813-8416, Lesley Palange 813-8417, CMS Guidance Assistant/Registrar: Melissa Pugni 813-8405

Eastern Middle School Counselors: Lauren Buckley 698-6014, Erika Moeller 698-6015, Meghan Moore 698-6013, EMS Guidance Assistant/Registrar: Louise Lancetti 698-6012

Western Middle School Counselors: Megan Fina 413-8440, Karina Magana 413-8442, Erin Montague 413-8441, WMS Guidance Assistant/Registrar: Melina Pedraza 413-8436