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Junior Folder / Senior Packet

Each Junior at GHS receives a "Post High School Planning Folder" at the time of the College Kick Off meeting, or during their individual junior planning meeting with their school counselor. These materials supplement the comprehensive GHS Planning Guide or Guía de planificación de GHS.

The materials contained in the folder can be accessed from the links below. The powerpoint presentation and a video of the Kick Off presentation are also available.

The first six items (starred* below) are considered the "Senior Packet" and must be submitted to your school counselor so they can write an effective letter of recommendation.

*Student "Brag Sheet" Self-Evaluation (word doc) / google doc

*Student Activities Sheet (use this or an updated Resume)

*Parent "Brag Sheet"- English Version (word doc) / google doc

*Parent "Brag Sheet" - Spanish Translation - Cuestionario para Padres/Logros de mi Nino (word doc) / google doc

Cantor House "Brag Sheet" Links (Please use these docs if you are in Cantor House!)

              Cantor House Student Brag Sheet 

              Cantor House Parent Brag Sheet 

*Informal Recommendation Comment Form   - Students may give these forms to recommenders such as coaches, club advisors, and job supervisors.   Students may only ask a maximum of TWO classroom teachers for Informal Comments.  These comments are used by the school counselors along with the Brag Sheets to enhance their Counselor Recommendation.  

*Formal Recommendation Information Form - Students may use this to provide information to the teachers (2 Max!) they ask to write formal letters of recommendation.  Reminder that all requests must be made in person.  

Seniors request transcripts and letters of recommendation be sent to colleges and universities through their Scoir account.   Please discuss Scoir and transcript requests with the Guidance Assistant in your House when you have questions or need assistance.   

Sample Resume for Applications

College Research Form (Use this to document and compare information.)

Common Application Essay Prompts 


       Transition Resources for Students with Learning Differences 

       Technical-Career-Workforce Training Information Packet

       Video Tutorials on College Funding/Financial Aid

Dr. Stephen Antonoff's College Planning Worksheets

College Essay Guy's free college essay resources

       GHS Guidance List of GREAT Colleges To Consider

       Two SAT vs. ACT Comparison Charts

    Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities -

The New England Regional Student Program offers college "Tuition Breaks" for various college programs that are not offered in their in-state public college or university at the associate, bachelors and graduate degree level for Connecticut residents.  

Connecticut Students for a Dream offers up-to-date information, support and advocacy to undocumented students and their families. The National Immigration Law Center tracks activities related to state funding of higher education for undocumented students.  In Case of Deportation is an online resource created by a GHS student that provides actionable information for children 8-18, including a child preparedness plan. 

If you are researching online learning at the college level, this website Affordable Online Colleges is a useful resource.

If you are a first generation college student, speak to your school counselor and check out the resources on this website.  

Use this website to research LGBTQ friendly college options and student resources.

Listing of colleges that will accept self-reported SAT or ACT scores.