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School Dismissal Manager

August 17, 2018

Dear Glenville Parents,

Our school uses School Dismissal Manager to make life easier on you and the school when it comes to making dismissal changes.  The purpose is to enable you to easily and securely inform the School Administration regarding your wishes for your child at dismissal time.  The system will provide a more organized and efficient tracking system for end of day dismissals.  It is intended to replace the notes and phone calls to the office that let the school know of changes to your plans for your child(ren)’s dismissal.

PLEASE NOTE ***VERY IMPORTANT*** - When you log in for the first time at, please click your Parent Preferences and Student Default link located above the calendar and follow these steps.

1.         Change your password.

2.         Select the proper dismissal default – Right now ALL students are assigned to “Not           Assigned” so click the down arrow next to your child(ren)’s name, select the dismissal default used 3 or MORE days of the week.

3.         Click Update Information.

Please also note – After you have selected and saved your dismissal default, your child(ren)’s dismissal calendar will be set with the dismissal instruction he/she is assigned most/all days.  If you have a recurring instruction which is different on another day of the week, you can set that for the rest of the year or by date range by going to “recurring dismissal instructions” on your dashboard.  Simply select your child and follow the prompts.

After you set your child’s default dismissal, you ONLY have to log in when your child’s dismissal routine will be different than normal.  Just click on the day you will be assigning an alternate plan to let the School know who or what to expect.  It’s that EASY.  If you normally pick up your son or daughter each day and someone other than you will be picking up your child, you will need to login and enter the name of the driver for that day.

You will have until 2:00 PM each full school day and 12:00 PM on early dismissal days to change the arrangements and assign a dismissal for that day.  There will always be a two week rolling calendar to make changes however you will also be able to make a change for a later date.  Each school day School Dismissal Manager sends a comprehensive dismissal listing to the school shortly after the cut off time.  Your cooperation is appreciated in using this tool to help keep dismissal time safe and orderly.

You can also find the FREE app on iTunes or Google Play Stores!  If you have any questions, please contact Carole Rende in the main office at 203-531-9287 or Ian Kennedy in the Media Center at the same number and extension 3108.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Yours for better education,

M.J. D'Amico