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Responsible Use


Responsible Use Policy for Chromebooks
Greenwich Public Schools

I will follow all parts of Greenwich Public Schools Responsible Use and Internet Safety Agreement for Chromebook use. 

This means I will:

  • Charge my Chromebook in a safe place every night and bring it with me to school

  • Only use a Chromebook for educational purposes;

  • Stay on task in class and use my Chromebook only with teacher permission;

  • Use only educationally appropriate apps and websites;

  • Use my school email and Google apps for school-related purposes only;

  • Treat all Chromebooks gently and safely;

  • Keep my passwords secret, and not use anyone else’s account or passwords;

  • Give credit for images and words using proper citation;

  • Communicate online safely and appropriately for school-related purposes.

  • Keep my name label and school-provided identification labels visible and undamaged

  • Keep all food and drinks away from my Chromebook


This also means I WILL NOT:

  1. Deface, mark, or damage the Chromebook or the charger;

  2. Use any apps or games without specific permission from a teacher;

  3. Produce, access, download or upload content/images/videos that could disrupt the school day;

  4. Attempt to repair or make changes to hardware and software;

  5. Cyberbully, harass, or discriminate;

  6. Post, send, or store online information that could endanger others;

  7. Try to get through the Internet filters.

I acknowledge and understand that I am expected to care for my chromebook appropriately and keep it safe, that I understand the rules and expectations still apply outside of the school building, and if I violate any condition of this agreement, I may have my computer privileges suspended and/or revoked.


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Updated 8-26-2019