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Chromebooks at School

Fall Rollout Information

Each grade will be participating in multiple digital citizenship lessons, covering responsible and ethical use, information privacy and security, cyberbullying, appropriate communication, and online reputation/digital footprint. This includes the Acceptable Use for Chromebook (grade 6) and the Acceptable Use for Chromebook (grades 7 and 8) document which explains expectations.

After the digital citizenship lessons, each grade will have a "rollout day" where the student devices will be handed out and each academic class period will be spent teaching and reviewing basic use and care of the device, including the Chrome browser, Google Apps for Education, Schoology, Aspen, and features of the device itself.

Teachers are being asked to incorporate appropriate elements of digital citizenship into their lessons throughout the year, as it is important to create mindful habits with these topics.

Parents should complete the online form located on the GPS Information Technology Forms webpage.

Click on the links below to open the FAQs:


What device will my student receive?

A Lenovo Yoga 11e Chromebook and a Lenovo charger (model: ADLX45NCC2A)

What are the replacement costs?

$436 for the Lenovo chromebook, and $44 for the charger according to the DLE Equipment List

What if we lose the charge cord?

You can order a replacement yourself, or pay a $44 fee. We do not keep extras at the school for immediate replacements, so ordering it yourself would be the most efficient way to replace it. The charge cords are the Lenovo model ADLX45NCC2A
(available on multiple websites, like

Does my student need a case or label?

A padded carrying case (sized for an 11.5-12 inch laptop) with handles or a strap would be a good option. Each chromebook will have a label on the top for student name identification, and a district barcode label on the bottom. Neither of those should be removed. Any other stickers or labels students wish to add must be completely removable.

Is my child going to be online all day long?

Absolutely not. Teachers will be using the chromebooks with students when appropriate for lessons and to complete work.

What are Schoology and Aspen?

What is Schoology? This is the learning management system where teachers post homework, link documents, allow for online submissions of some assignments, host discussions, and more. This is NOT where students' actual grades are kept.

What is Aspen? This is the student information database where grades are posted. Parents have access to a family account, where they can see all of their secondary students' posted grades and information. Students have access to their own personal account, where they only see their own grades.

Here's a handout showing the difference between Aspen and Schoology

What are my responsibilities as a parent?


1. Complete the loan form and indicate whether you are willing to have your student bring his/her chromebook home for use.

2. Provide a consistent, safe place where your student can charge his or her chromebook each night, and ensure that your student comes to school with his or her chromebook.

3. Reinforce appropriate use of the device. The chromebook should be considered a "work laptop." It is not for gaming or other activities which are not school-related. All activity on the chromebooks goes through an online filtering service provided by the district, and may be monitored at any time. Filters are not perfect, however, and thus we recommend adult supervision at home.

We're having trouble connecting to our home wireless network

If you are getting a pop-up window that says "Authentication Required" and asks for a username and password, please use gps for the username and 2014 for the password. This is the online filtering service that all student chromebook information goes through both at school and at home.

Can we print from the chromebook at home?

Are there any parent training links?